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PIA Security’s engineering team has two main functions: development engineering and design engineering. Both disciplines are integral to the services we provide to our clients, and to help determine their options when creating a master plan for Security.

Our world-class engineers and CAD team are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the full range of Security solutions, and ensure that the solution is designed to meet your requirements.
Our development engineering and design engineering disciplines are described further below:

Development Engineering

We created the discipline of Development Engineering to help our clients determine what is possible given time, money and desired performance.

Development Engineering provides technical vision and the high level form, fit and function necessary for detailed design and implementation.

We meet with key business stakeholders, define the security architecture, and deliver a detailed strategic plan. This plan will include product and security system options and identify the critical features required to fulfil the design intent.

Design Engineering

Design engineering is highly focused around the detailed form and function the security solution will take.

We apply design intent to the formal documentation to illustrate the security solution that will eventually be built. To do so, we use CAD technology (Computer Aided Design) to make visible our knowledge as it will be applied to your project. Detailed plans and CAD drawings are developed that include all technology and security system components necessary to deliver the final solution. This formal documentation is then approved and distributed to the implementation team.

Between these two teams, PIA Security’s engineers first provide best-in-class design on a high level, then work down to the granular details that make up the physical system. The customer is given the full view of their Security solution, from the overall plan to the wiring diagram.

Let PIA Security’s engineers show you the possibilities.