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Monitoring Response Options

Monitoring Response Options

To effectively monitor and protect your premises we require the following information

After Hours Keyholder List

We require at least 3 persons (keyholders) who have access to your premises and alarm system who are able to attend in case the alarm activates or a problem is found. Please advise your keyholders that we monitor your alarm system 24 hours a day, which could require their attendance at any time.


We recommend the use of a password or voice code for anybody having ongoing access to your premises. You may choose one common word/code or you can allocate one for each individual. Using a password or voice code will help us to identify intruders at your premises. Please also list the full names of all persons having ongoing access to your premises but who are not to be notified in case your alarm activates (eg. your cleaner, maintenance personnel etc.).

Response Instructions

We will always call your premises first whenever your alarm system activates (some exceptions apply) to establish whether the alarm was accidentally activated. In case we are unable to resolve the situation by contacting your premises, you are required to choose a single response instruction for our operators:

Option 1 – Keyholder to all events

Notify the first available key holder to attend.
Do not notify a patrol car.

Option 2 – If no answer keyholder send patrol

Notify the first available keyholder to attend.
Notify a patrol car on request or if no keyholder is available

Option 3 – Patrol to all alarms (external)

Notify a keyholder ONLY if a problem or genuine break & enter has been detected or on events requiring internal inspection, (i.e.: power failure, low battery, sector isolations).
Notify a patrol car IMMEDIATELY to externally check the premises. (The patrol will not hold keys to your premises.)

Option 4 – Patrol to all alarms (internal)

Notify a keyholder ONLY if a problem or genuine break & enter has been detected.
Notify a patrol car IMMEDIATELY to internally check the premises. (The patrol must hold keys to your premises.)

Option 5 – Patrol & keyholder to all alarms

Notify a keyholder AFTER a patrol car has been notified.
Notify a patrol car IMMEDIATELY to check the premises. (The patrol may or may not hold keys to the premises.)

Please Note Our Standard Response Instructions

Burglary alarm: See options 1-5 above
Hold Up (commercial premises only): Police are notified immediately; premises are called 30 min later for follow up.
Panic alarm: Premises are called first.
Fire alarm: Premises are called first; Fire Brigade or keyholders are called as arranged – you are required to complete a fire authorisation from if you have smoke/fire alarms monitored
Medical alarm: Premises are called first; Ambulance are called on request or as arranged or as last resort
Other events: See options 1-5 above

Police Attendance

Police will not be contacted in the first instance for alarms, except for hold up duress alarms from commercial premises where a double press device is fitted and a fixed location can be provided. Pre-authorisation is required if Police “Direct Access Number” is to be called. Police will give priority to verified alarms where keyholder attendance is assured. Police will not report back to our monitoring centre on what was found and we are not able to query Police on action taken. Police attendance varies between each state and territory of Australia.

Supervised Disarming and Arming Times

To ensure that your premises are alarmed after trading hours, you may choose to have your arming and disarming times supervised by our control room. Please record the EARLIEST acceptable disarming time and LATEST acceptable arming time of your alarm system for each day of the week. Do not enter a time if your premises will be closed on a particular day of the week.

Please note: Anybody disarming the alarm outside the given hours is required to call our control before or immediately after disarming your alarm; otherwise the entry will be treated as unauthorised.

To update the information we hold for your monitoring service you can use the Update Your Monitoring Forms on our website, alternatively email us

For further information please contact our Managed Services Team on 1300 650 884