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Customised Printed ID Cards

If you’re running a busy business or organisation, keeping track of who comes and goes can be difficult. Not only have you got your permanent staff, but there are contractors and visitors to account for too.  Customised company ID cards make that process much easier. Not only do they let you know who’s who, but you can control access to certain areas and tighten up security in the process. Your staff will be more aware and accountable if unauthorised persons attempt to enter your workplace.

So that you don’t have to go to the trouble of taking hundreds of pictures and matching those up with names, we’ve set up a dedicated ID card service that makes light work of the whole process.

Your Cards at a Glance;

  • Decide how you use your cards 
    We’ll provide cards with magnetic strips, signature panels, barcodes or just in plain white PVC
  • Get help with your designs 
    We’ll work with you to come up with a sophisticated and individual design that best represents your business or organisation
  • Use your own artwork
    Choose your own design and simply send it to us.
  • Choose from a range of accessories
    From clips and lanyards to plastic card holders


  • PIA Security Group staff will work with you to create a personalised card design template – we have a range of templates to choose from that can be customised to include your corporate branding
  • Then you simply submit your order along with the staff details and images. We will process your order, print your cards and deliver them to you. Its that easy.

Our Services Include

  • Design expertise – we can match your existing design and provide a sample. Or, if you’re looking for inspiration, our designers can create an impressive new looking card for you. We can give you the professional look you need.
  • Printing on PVC cards – your customised templates can be printed on PVC cards for visual identification.ID Cards 2
  • Printing on adhesive cards – your customised templates can be printed on adhesive cards for attaching to existing access cards.
  • Printing on acces cards – combine access cards and identity cards. We can print directly to al large range of card technologies

To Order Customised Cards please click her “PHOTO ID CARDS