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ACTIVATION – Cards / Tags / Remotes

Online Activations - Cards / Tags / Fobs / Remotes

Request technical assitance to activate access Cards / Tags / Fobs or Remote Controls by our PIA Technical Team.
  • Please enter your company name.
  • Name of the Authorised person filling in form on behalf of the Company.
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  • Please enter the user name that this Card / Tag or Remote is being assigned to.
  • If PIN number is required, please enter it here. User may wish to nominate their own PIN. However, we cannot guarantee PIN to be available or security approved. Number such as "1234" and DOB "1988" will not be accepted.
  • Select the type of access control media, e.g. Card / Tag / Remote, etc.
  • Please enter the number that is on the Card / Tag / Remote Control
    Please enter a value between 1 and 99000.
  • Please enter the site address for the new user/ or the user which you would like to modify.
  • If you have a spread sheet which needs to be uploaded, please append file here.
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  • If you have any special needs or requests, please type message here.