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Access Control

Our access control systems include Lenel, Prowatch and Concept and incorporate the latest technology in access control credentials and biometrics.

About Access Control

pia-lightAccess control is a key component in protecting your facility, maintaining business continuity, and ensuring customer safety.

Implementing an access control system can help you in several ways:

  • Safeguard company assets: Limit clearance for critical areas to only people with a need for access.
  • Manage Security from a central location: Multiple facility systems can be linked to a central server that allows access points to be monitored and user databases to be managed from the one location.
  • Cut cost of ownership: Reduce dependency on keys and locks that constantly need to be changed or replaced when an employee leaves. Easy re-carding and inexpensive programmable replacements can dramatically lower the cost of keeping your facility secure.

Through our exceptional engineering, product benchmarking, and experience, we can help you determine what type of security system is best for your unique needs and environment. System can integrate with your video surveillance system, human resources database, with IT (including single sign-on capabilities), or with any other compatible system.

You can rely on PIA Security Group to be an independent resource that will listen to your needs and help you align your security goals with your corporate mission and vision.