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Security System Audit

Security System Audit Security Solutions offers a risk assessment service through a comprehensive ‘security system audit’ process. Our highly trained and fully licensed security consultants can provide a no obligation assessment of your security situation.

You can explore details about how this security systems audit process is implemented below:

Typically, our support services include:

  • Initial consultation and site visit
  • We listen to our client’s needs, wants & concerns
  • We make recommendations
  • We can design a tailor made security system to suit your needs
  • We provide end to end project management & supervision
  • Commissioning & Training
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

PIA Security Group offers a wide range of the latest state of the art electronic security systems to suit your specific needs, application and budget.

Security Audit Systems offer external independent security website penetration testing services. Based in the UK, London and the South West, we have a portfolio of international clients, varying from small to medium sized companies to multinationals operating in countries such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India, Russia and China. Businesses across the world come to us to have their websites and web facing networking equipment tested against the latest security vulnerabilities.

Security Audit Systems is a highly driven security consultancy with a keen interest in all aspects of the IT security sector. Each member of our team is a skilled penetration testing consultant, who will provide your business with an in-depth security vulnerability assessment of your systems. Providing accurate information that helps businesses secure their online presence is our objective, and at the same time fundamentally helping the internet become a more secure communications platform for us all.

How does it work?

There are essentially two main types of penetration tests, blackbox penetration testing often called external penetration testing, or whitebox penetration testing, often called internal penetration testing. Blackbox pen testing audits the target from an outsiders perspective, with no prior knowledge of the system, and are generally the most preferred type of test. Whitebox pen testing looks at the target host with insider knowledge, meaning an account/user access privilege would be handed to the pen tester, to see what information they could obtain. Often this is done in order to test account access controls, or to see if any flaws exist which would allow a potential privilege escalation. The tests work within a set framework, generally consisting of four broad phases, network enumeration, vulnerability assessments, exploitation and finally reporting and remediation. Network enumeration aims to pulls as much information about the network as possible using a variety of information gathering tools and techniques. Vulnerability assessments search the information obtained for known flaws and weaknesses, which are then validated where possible using exploits. The final stage and often the most time consuming is the report writing, when all the information obtained is put together in an easily understandable report for the client to read.