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Our Approach

Our approach to the delivery of a security solution is unique in the industry. PIA Security believes that the application of a disciplined business methodology is the key to a long-term and successful security implementation.

Our methodology links the goals of the Security implementation with the governing goals of your business. We translate this linkage into an overall technical and design strategy and then develop an implementation and communication plan for the client. Finally, we execute the plan, test and validate the performance of the security solution, conduct training for the end-user and develop a detailed customer support plan.

Each of the seven steps for PIA Security’s approach is described in detail below:

1. Business Baseline

First, we meet with a client to learn their security system needs, objectives & business rules. This often includes an investment-grade audit of existing security systems that may be integrated for a seamless security solution. This may include integration of existing security, building management, IT, HR or other systems as necessary.

2. Development Engineering

Here we determine the realm of possibilities within the confines of project timelines, budgets, and the desired system performance. We meet with key business stakeholders, define the security architecture, and deliver a detailed strategic plan. This plan will include security product and system options and identify the critical features required to fulfil the design intent.

3. Design Engineering

Detailed plans and AutoCAD drawings are developed that include all technology and system components necessary to deliver the final solution. This formal documentation is then approved and distributed to the implementation team.

4. Project Management

At KINGS Security, professional Project Management is crucial to the successful delivery of each security solution. The assigned Project Manager is responsible for the client relationship and to ensure a client’s satisfaction throughout the implementation phase.

5. Site Implementation & Management

We utilise proven practices to ensure that each security solution is delivered on-time and within budget. We work with you to develop an implementation plan that minimises the impact to your customers and/or your business operation. Our professional implementation staff is sensitive to your work environment and will adhere to all safety regulations and site rules. Their goal is to deliver the solution as specified with minimal impact to the operation.

6. Commissioning & Training

A security solution is not complete until KINGS Security has conducted detailed testing and commissioning on each security system component and provided the associated documentation to the client. Once the testing and commissioning documentation is complete, an approval signature is obtained from the client. Required training materials are developed and the solution user’s and support personnel are trained on product use, features, functionalities, and support as agreed. Operation and Maintenance Manuals are delivered and a Service and Maintenance Plan may be initiated at this time.

7. Customer Care

At PIA Security, Customer Care spans the project lifecycle and across the entire client relationship. PIA Security defines success as client satisfaction with security solution performance. PIA Security infuses customer care in our business processes from early client engagement through the lifecycle of the solution. KINGS Security will tailor a Service and Maintenance Plan for your security solution that goes far beyond the traditional warranty. Our Service Team will deliver satisfaction, ensuring that your security system is available when you need it.

Over the last 20 years, KINGS Security has determined exactly which solutions work best for each of the industries represented by our more than 1,000 previous customers. Each professional discipline at PIA Security is focused on the delivery of state of the art security solutions for our clients.

PIA Security is a leader in the delivery of scalable, integrated security systems for the commercial and government marketplace.