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Video Surveillance

An essential part of Security and OH&S, PIA Security Group offer a wide range of solutions for your video surveillance needs.

About Video Surveillance & CCTV

The applications for video surveillance systems are constantly expanding. Security cameras can be integrated with access control functions to automatically focus on a specific door as it is activated by an access control reader or alarm input.

Specialty surveillance systems may include automatic video guard tours with multiple pre-set positions, large security consoles for monitoring activity, or very simple two camera systems for monitoring entrances. Additionally, facility managers are using video surveillance to monitor manufacturing and production processes, as well as for management, training, life safety and other related usage.

PIA Security Group’s team of Video Surveillance IT engineers bring considerable experience and expertise to designing and installing sophisticated systems with large guard station consoles, high-speed pan-tilt-zoom camera systems, IP, analytics and specialty cameras.PIA Security Group’s engineers are proficient system integrators, capable of integrating video surveillance with access control and identity management into a single seamless integrated system.